XDA TWRP and china rom for blackshark 1

https:// forum.xda-developers.com/t/xiaomi-black-shark

I had to put a space after https:// because the site wouldn't post the link, i persomally would wait a bit longer for the dev team but if you can't there are option on the xda site 🙂


  • The problem is you need updated manually it's no OTA , but thanks for the information men

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    The url is actually /tags.php?tag=xiaomi-black-shark

    Please do not root if you want OTA. rooting breaks OTA, and no user has contacted me yet before rooting, to create a safe way to restore OTA functionality.

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    Also this may brick your phone careful

  • Hey guys!!

    If you want to root the terminal you can unlock the bootloader from the developer settings, I do not recommend it but if you want to do that is the solution!

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