Black Shark 2 Skywalker Global ROM JOY UI

hello i recently just bought black shark skywalker global rom, but it comes with default android with no JOYUI

is there any chance to get JOYUI or download JOY UI ?


  • Global Rom is JoyUi too but it is closer to stock android than it's original counterpart.

    If you go to settings then system and then system updates, you will see it is still JoyUi.

    If you want the original, Chinese Rom, you can see if there is a way to change it. BUT WHY DO YOU want it?

  • it is ? because all i see is pure android

    and i cant change theme like my friends (china rom) they can easily change to any theme and its beautiful

  • Yea... @cherlyzphuthaw no doubt the Chinese version has more functionality besides the Google apps but sadly switching comes with a lot of risks (brick) as it's not officially supported and you won't be able to install OTAs anymore like you used to... If you really want to digg deeper into all this the XDA developers forum is the way to go. But as I said this is at your own risk and I wouldn't recommend it. Good luck.

  • You can confirm your system follow this step:,settings >system >System updates

    (Lastest system no :


    If your phone is not the version above could you provide your screenshot of system information?)

  • I got it yesterday.

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