Mobile data not working

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Shows connected to a 3g network rather then a 4g/ lte can send/receive calls and text (will not load pictures sent via text even if connected to WiFi). When I pull up the info page it says "voice service: In service" "data service: disconnected"

I have tried a new sim card and swapped the sim between slots 1&2 no change

Edit: after checking around some more I found that if I change my access point name (APN) from "ATT nextgenphone" to "ATT phone" I get 3g mobile data connected confirmed this on the info page it now says "data service: connected"

Still trying to figure out why I can not get 4g LTE might be my area..


  • Must be related to your carrier and your region. Maybe the APN settings for your specific carrier and region are not set correctly automatically. Try to contact your provider for the right settings.

  • Hey bro,may I know your system version /net carrier and where is your living country/region?

    (This problem is relatively rare. I have to reply to you after confirm with R&D team)

  • System version: SKYW1907040OS01MP3

    Carrier: AT&T

    Country: United States

    Still only get 3G in a 4G/LTE area

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