Boycott chinese MIUI right now! We want stock android experience back.

I heartily want to inform black shark about the situation we are having in Indian models. We are boycotting chinese applications and products. Therefore, I request black shark developers to remove MIUI and provide stock android experience back to us atleast to indian varient devices. Also the MIUI comes with so many issues and bugs. I will appreciate black shark if they provide stock experience.


  • just throw your away phone already, it is a chinese product you hypocrite. and there's already a warning that the joyui 11 update process is irreversible.

    just get other phone that is not made in china and provide stock android experience.

  • You can roll back to android 9, just get a look to xda. And don't expect black shark to maintain two separate branch for their os when they struggle to keep one up to date.

  • Yeah #hanzelkidman, when I bought the device black shark provided stock android experience and after the update they gave me cheap miui experience. Isn't it look like a cheating to you. I have problems with my camera, battery and account thanks to the OS. And also #Baltyre, you are suggesting me to void my new device warranty. So basically what you are saying is black shark is struggling to maintain a copied MIUI OS. Black Shark provided Stock experience before and can give it again if they want. Isn't there any other way where black shark can help.

  • Stock android experience is needed

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