3D Printed rails for the Black Shark Case(s)

As someone was interested in those files I thought I make a post about it for other users.

I designed this a year ago. It was my first design ever and I didn't really knew what I'm doing lol. I modified it in V2 and V3 again so it fits perfectly. I didn't know back then that my design was probably actually perfect the first way around but my printer settings and horizontal expansion for my filament was not set correctly lol. I just got into 3D printing back then. So maybe if you print this design with your printer it won't fit perfectly? Anyway if someone can give me feedback or is interested I might search for all the files again and also make them available.

It was/is just a prototype but it worked perfectly and had a snug fit so I didn't modify it anymore as it turned out perfectly for my needs and fit super tight not falling off or anything.

Please don't make me responsible if it does fall off though haha but I'm open for all kinds of feedback. And maybe this posts inspires others to make their designs, modifications, upgrades, whatever available here.

Sorry, I cannot upload it here directly as stl file extensions are not supported.


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