further basic enhancements required: selfie camera flash, call recorder and an sound equalizer.

purchased the BS2 2 days back, phone is damn awesome, sturdy with pure raw android os.

1) netwrok, display, gaming, sound and quality seems all robust.

2) installed apps like lockdown pro for app lock, gallery by cloud innovation studio (as i am not a fan of google photos) very much organised my pictures, and es file explorer to complete the missing apps basically required theese days.

3) now the missing apps which cannot be replaced by the stock apps (there are altenatives but still for security reaons) missing flash screen for selfie pix on cam, night mode, (even focus should be further improvised like gcam apps) default call recorder for calls and a sound equalizer (by default sound from headphones is good, but require tuning for diff. type of music) which will complete the basic requirements of pure raw android phone.

i am very much happy with the purcahse, phone doesnot have any usless bloatwares, thumbs up for that. but if they could also collobrate with some pay apps locally as per region that would also be so nice, i hope the above requirement can be added by the developers in their next update, which will make BS2 such a valued purchase.


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