Interested in the black shark 2 but have some genuine questions please..

So in the UK, I can get the black shark 2, 8gb ram 128gb storage for around £250. Is it still worth it getting this phone, as I want it for my son. I also checked out the oneplus 6t which is more or less the same price but with a 845 processor. The good part with oneplus 6t though is the good software updates from oneplus. I'm worried about lack of updates from xiaomi on the black shark. What are your thoughts please and have the updates been coming through? Also how's the phone with the android 10 update? Is it running OK as I see so many people trying to go back to android 9!. I would really appreciate your thoughts on

- ongoing software updates as my son often keeps his phone for at least 3 weeks years.

- android 10, how is running on the shark.

- should I go instead for the oneplus 6t. Many thanks.


  • Evening,

    I'm in the UK and have the Black Shark 2 so will try answer any questions as these forums can be extremely quite, especially for us UK users.

    - ongoing software updates as my son often keeps his phone for at least 3 weeks years. >>> Big issue now. We received the latest update but it does have a few major bugs on it that currently needs quick updates to fix. The issue now of course is that the BS3 is round the corner and ongoing software updates are not guaranteed. I can't see them continuing with the BS2 updates but they have to release some sort of stable update for current users and that's something we are still waiting on.

    - android 10, how is running on the shark >>>> very nice in my opinion on the BS2. Massive improvement from what used to run on BS2 devices and is very slick and user friendly etc. Just have some bugs that need sorting asap.

    - should I go instead for the oneplus 6t. Many thanks. >>>> Personal preference. The Black Shark is a real head turner. It's a great device but the worry of not being a huge company and trying to keep BS1, BS2 and now BS3 users happy with software updates is ultimately not going to happen. BS3 is the best bet but we can hope and pray for BS2 to have some updates in the future. I got mine for £400 around a year ago now so if you can get it for £250 it's a real steal as it's an extremely powerful daily driver device and betas anything in the £250 mark category that is for sure.

    Hope all the above helps and please don't hesitate to ask any other questions.

  • I just bought the Black Shark 2 for my son and have the OnePlus 6T myself. His budget was €300 and for me the choice to go for the Black Shark 2 and not the OnePlus was purely based on value for money. For me getting Android updates matters, for him it doesn't matter much. His Black Shark 2 is still running Android 9 (no Android 10 update showed up yet) and he is completely happy with it.

  • To be fair to blackshark they have to support any phone for a minimum of 2 years according to Google's terms same for all companies, my galaxy s8 stopped being supported 2 years in but blackshark are still bringing joy11 to bs1 3 years after its release.

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