Can someone make a 3D Print of a Razer junglecat adapter to blackshark rail system ?

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Hi, i was just thinking about it and i was thought it could be a great idea to overcome the lack of HiD support of the gameshark controller.

Sadly, i dont have the skill to do this, so i'm posting with the hope of someone can make it happen.

It should not be too bulky, just a modification of this file :

www. thingiverse .com/thing:4356292

And on the other side, mimic the Blackshark controler 'female' rail to make it stick to the rail of black shark case.


  • Why not just get a Xbox Bluetooth controller and a phone mount. Problem solved.

  • Xbox controller won't fit in my jeans pocket. So no.

  • Hey @Baltyre

    Nice to see other people interested to mount other stuff on the official case. I actually designed what you want a year ago. It was my first design ever and I didn't really knew what I'm doing lol. I modified it in V2 and V3 again so it fits perfectly. I didn't know back then that my design was probably actually perfect the first way around but my printer settings and horizontal expansion for my filament was not set correctly lol. I just got into 3D printing back then. So maybe if you print this design with your printer it won't fit perfectly.

    It was/is just a prototype but it worked perfectly and had a snug fit so I didn't modify it anymore as it turned out perfectly for my needs and fit super tight.

    Just print both designs and glue them together and you should end up with what you want 😄

    (PS: Cannot upload it directly here as the file format is not supported so I upload it on my google drive)

  • Woot, thanks a lot !

  • No problem 😊,

    Please let me know how it turned out, or if I should dig out the other files as well. I guess I should still have them somewhere...

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    Well, i dont have neither of my phone or my 3D printer right now but i will dig around in few week.

    I have an other idea of something around the black shark controller, do you have a model for the rail who go on the phone ? (the one you give me is the rail on the controller side, right ?)

    I would like to make a box to keep my controller safe when i put it in my pocker, something a little like that.

    Or maybe something a little like that :

    So i could use it both as a protection box and as a holder (so i can clipse both of my controller on it and use it as an external gamepad while my phone is on a stand)

  • Hmm, I think I know what you mean but... sorry, I also haven't modeled the "other side (=case side)" so that you could slide the controller into it. And btw obviously in your posted design its the wrong way around as you would need holes to slide the controller in. But I guess that model was just to give an idea what you want.

    I also was thinking about that to actually print my own case for the BS2 as I don't like the official one as it also hides the S logo and is slightly to bulky but it was simply too much work for me as the phone has so many curves and im also not sure if a 3D printed version to mount the controllers are actually stable enough... When you take a close look at the official case it could be a little fragile printing it with PLA. But with a good design it should still work I guess. But yea...too much work haha. I also thought about buying the 3D model as file so I can just use that to subtract it from whatever case/block and scale it a little bit to use that as a base but yea in the end it was simply too much for me.

    BTW if you want to protect the controller from dust and so on an open case like that probably wouldn't do the job well. Anyway I know its not best practice but I often just put my controller in my pocket and so far I haven't had any issues at all. No warranty though haha.

    If there would be official free models for the phone, the case and the controller everything would be so much more easy...tell me if you find any of those haha

  • Few year ago, my android controller was a "Impulse controller", this was shipped with a protective case to put it on the pocket.

    That's the kind of stuff i would like to make. (but with the analog stick, i guess it's tricky)

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