Some question about Black Shark 2 and emulators

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Hi. i'm considering buying a Black Shark 2.

But i'm more into emulators and retro gaming than playing mobile games and i wonder if the black shark work ok with them.

From what i read, the gamepad(s) is not recognized as a simple HiD controler (please fix this) and we have to use the shark mode to make mapping to virtual gamepad in screen.

I dont mind spending time to configure stuff and i guess in most of emulators i can reduce opacity and size of the virtual controller to be acceptable, but i have some questions :

So :

1- Does all emulators do not recognize the gamepad and allow direct biding to keys ? Does some allow partial binding ? (like let says the joystick)

2- Witch emulators works with shark mode on ? Witch wont work ? I read somewhere that retroarch crash when we try to map to virtual gamepad ? Is it true ?

3- Maybe some emulators works on JOYUI 11 that wont in MP6 ? Or the contrary ?

I'm mostly concerned about theses emulators : Drastic, Dolphin Emulator (and the MMJ version), Citra Emulator, ePSXe, FPse, PPSSPP, Retroarch, SuperRetro16


  • Hey @Baltyre,

    Bottom line your experience with the black shark controllers and emulators won't be the best as you already know the gamepads are not recognized as simple HiD controllers. I personally actually haven't tested any of the emulators with the JoyUI11 update but before that I even downloaded a modified version of the dolphin emulator to make it all work with the right side gamepad as well but it needs a lot of work on your side for sure.

    Then sometimes you also run into another problem that the virtual control area is not fixed but dynamic. So when you start pressing the virtual controls area this will be your new center. This can lead into the problem that when you quickly press the joystick forwards you actually only run slowly because your center shifted upwards as the first input to the game wasn't the center of your defined area but already slightly upwards. In some emulators and games you can define it should be fixed then you don't run into that issue but yea... just also keep that in mind.

    With some emulators you might even run into problems that they actually detect something but the mapping is super strange and even the wrong way around (lets say forward is backwards and stuff like that) and then you cannot even turn that off leaving that unplayable without bigger modifications of the apps that require the source code and know-how.

    The emulators itself work well with the phone and also in shark mode on but just the gamepad can be (as written aboth) difficult to get to work properly. They fixed the bug that it crashes instantly when you move the joystick like it was a problem in dolphin but I can't tell you 100% if that bug haven't reappeared with JoyUI11 as I haven't tried yet... and sadly I already saw a couple of bugs reappearing in new updates... If you really want me to try again I might install it again and check on it but I would have to download everything again as I was forced to factory reset as I forgot to disable my passcode when I updated to JoyUI11 (normally that shouldn't be an issue and you actually get a warning to do so but I beta tested early and noone gave me the heads up lol)

    Anyway that's all I know for now regarding that topic. Hope it helped you somehow.


  • Thanks a lot for this answer.

    It's really a shame that they didn't make a native controller mode, at least as an option. I really like the design of the phone and how controller fits and with the discounted price we can find this days seems like a great phone who allow me to play in the subway. (I miss my old xperia play)

    Are you satisfy with JoyUI11 ?

    You says something about a modded version of the dolphin emulator, do you talk about the MMJ version ? ( ) or it's something else ?

  • Yes, I think it was that version 😊

    I do like the JoyUI11 but it is still not competently polished and needs some bug fixing. Beside that I guess when you get all this amazing hardware for such a cheap price its no wonder that it's not as frequently updated and polished like lets say a Google Pixel device.

  • I know it's not official hardware but if you want to play emulators I recommend the saitake STK-7007F1, I have been using it with ppsspp, gba, nes, snes, and some android games, the buttons and analogue sticks are perfect (I tested the accuracy of the analogue sticks) it works in xinput mode.

    The only thing is it doesn't have is analogue triggers so gamecube games that use them will be a bit weird to play but you can buy an 8bitdo sf30pro plus and the analogue triggers work perfectly with that.

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    My usecase is usually causual play outside, like in the subway. That's why i like the design of the black shark controller, i could put both in a pocket and i'm good to go. I don't need to put my phone on a stand and i can be ready to play quickly.

    So i'm not really fond of most of HID android controller, they are too big for my pockets. And i have a "mini 8bitdo zero controller", that's nice, but to use it i need to put my phone on a table.

    I regret my old xperia play where all i had to do was slide open the phone and play.

    I will try to play with the blackshark controler and see by myself if it's good enought.

    Otherwise, i will try to learn how to use a 3D printer to make a Razer Junglecat to black shark adapter

  • I wouldn't reccomend the blackshark controllers for emulators, the left stick is very buggy and generally not good.

    I don't have access to a 3D printer so have to make do with what's available but razor do have some new gamepads called kishi, its telescopic like the saitake but doesn't look as comfortable to hold.

    As someone who owns the gamepads and a ton of other controllers that I have bought online and not liked the saitake is the best by far, I get you want it to be as portable as possible but even with the saitake it's still smaller than a Nintendo switch.

    Also i don't reccomend putting a controller in your pocket, if dust and lint gets in the stick it will break it.

  • Yeah, i think you are right, but since the left controller is sold with my phone, i will at least give a try.

    As for the controller in my pocket, i guess you have a point, until now i just used controller with dpad, lot less prone to break. Can you give me the size of the black shark gamepad (HxWxD) so i could find something like a plastic box to keep it safe ? I guess, it's probably around 40x85 but i have no idea of the depth including the stick.

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