Should I update to JoyUI11?

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So, I got the update notification, but After seeing so many discussions with so many bugs, should I really update? (It's the May version of JoyUI11)


  • Do not update, my ticwatch 4g keeps disconnecting from phone, micriphone not working, very ofthen ui not respinding, all apps arrangements and folders gone after update.

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    For the love of God don't update!!!

    Makes previous apps unusable and deletes them, drains your battery, uses up all your RAM, runs HOT!, add lots of bloatware, too many intrusive things.

    I rolled back to MP3 and upgraded to MP5. I used the MP3 file in the ota folder and used the *# code.

    Now, should I go up to MP6 or stick to MP5?

    I forgot to mention, if you use Google backup when you rollback, if you use the saved settings from JoyUI11 it will screw up your phone, main one is error DF-DFERH-01 on the play store.

  • Don't. The only thing I like is the intelligent charging. No more hot when charging but it charge slower of course. The update broke one of my most important app. Feels good to be back in Android 9 MP5. Hope it does not force update to Android 10 in future.

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    If we rollback is it worth updating all the way to MP6? Or stick to MP5?

  • Hey guys i got bs 2 and udpate to joy ui 11,but i didnt get any problem you guys listed . .

  • The bloatware and additional requirements for net, access to phone etc are there, can't get away from them. For me the moment I tried the Clock and Calculator Apps, I was asked to switch on location services... why?

    If you use a memory application or even the one with the OS, just enable show memory when you click the SQUARE button that shows all apps, you will see that you will only have around 2 to 3 GB Ram free.

    Also if you use the Shark Cooler, the temperature will never go lower than 30, which will cause the cooler to keep spinning at the higher speed.

    Battery wise, it did seem to drain much faster, but I didn't waited long enough to test it and go through a few charging cycles. So that could be just me, then again, all the extra services running would make sense to drain it faster.

    From the surface the new update was great, just like an iPhone. Seemed smooth, lots of unnecessary fancy options that drains your battery:) but overall I wanted something fast, easy basic.

  • I guess you could update and use the Xiaomi Tools to remove the bloatware.

    I am happy with the rollback and will stay on this version until Apps get updated. A bunch of apps couldn't be used, had a few games that I kept the data on the phone and I lost months of progress:(

  • Mine works fine as well. Current version is MQ0, does it outdated than MP6? But in summary shown Android 10 & JoyUi 11.

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