Blank Camera BS1

Dear Expert Team User,

Please give me advised regarding my Blackshark 1 camera blank or dark status and can't connect to main camera,

FYI, this phone I really careful to use and suddenly got blank camera. Please help me!


  • I also try to go to Camera application with clear cache,force stop and finally hard reset to this phone and what I've got still not have normal condition phone..this make me stress....please help me guys..please

  • Try to contact tech support brother did you factory reset the device try it

  • Already factory reset, but still same problem...ohh god this is my lovely phone

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    If after factory reset still the same problem then unfortunately I think it's a hardware problem probably cause by external factors life fall, heat etc which resulted in the camera malfunction. You can try to claim warranty or if expired try and bring it to your local phone shop and see if they can identify the problem.

  • Dear black5hark,

    Thanks for ur inligthment of my problem, I will soon bring this problem to local phone services for fix this headache phone problem and still confused because as far we know this phone have fitur liquid cooling sistem, why still get heat?

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