JOYUI 11 & ANDROID 10 for s01 EEA version is out

It's finally here guys,i hope the S01 or the EEA version didn't get any problem at all after update it . . Lets hope it will be fine.



  • There are still a lot of issues in that update as well... Turning on and off the speaker during calls is still muting my calls unbale to unmute. Haven't tested extensively but trying one time it still happened.

  • Well,i havent found any problem on my device,like bugs or etc,i found some bugs in the apps,like whats app,fb,etc,but reinstall the apps works just fine

    And thank god i didn't get any of all the listed complain about joy ui,games and shark space work perfectly fine plus in game like pubg,cod is became more buttery-smooth than before and i loved it.

    And i notice the ussage on rame is like 3gb for system 1 gb is like backgrounds app which leave me like 4.5gb left from 8gigs of ram.

    Thats all.other than that weird ram ussage i dont get any problem at all

  • I have a problem with the wallpaper it always reset back to default..

  • I means, before ya install the joy ui 11 ,make sure to just follow the instruction like remove your lock screen password set everything to default to avoid corruption,and after install it make sure the battery at 80% or higher and when it boots after installing and seems like stucks on the Shark logo do not press or try to booting it up again,just patienly wait for it to complete and then walla,goodnas new,

    For me i forgot to uninstall all my apps like whats app fb etc thats why it bugged after update it but reinstall the bug apps works just fine for me.

  • Hi, my BS2 bricked after update, i donwload the update set it to instal and after instaled it i choose to restart now, but he didnt restared, and now nothing works, it dont turn on, it dont charge, nothing, i need urgent help because i use my phone to work, is super urgent.

    i send an e-mail for support but still wating.

    My phone is a BS2 EEA version

  • Audio is mute on some calls... =/ -.- waiting for JOY UI 11.1......

  • Hi ,sir do you press anything or did you remove your screen lock before you press the restar now?or else can you be more specific about how your phone got bricked.

  • I Cant update, appears two messeges in Chineese.

    1 - I swipe the screen lock

    2 - dont update because appears another chineese messege.

    well.. cant update

  • My is consistently loosing charge

    It shows charging but isn't charging my device not showing on notification bar

  • after update i have the app problem (for me when using whatsapp call and same time connect with bluetooth speaker) but when i change from bluetooth speaker to normal speaker, its become not responding. the worst thing suddenly BS2 restart itself.

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