Black shark 2 have Charging problem

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The power does not come into the phone. The charging cable is hot. What should I do?


  • You could try a different charger or get a replacement for the phone.

    There could be an issue with the charger itself or the phone's software/hardware.

    @p6_group8 What happens when you restart the phone? Does the charging resume?

  • Got the same problem here.

    Try to restart but not fix

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    Factory reset the phone. Do not set it up/login. Try to charge the phone.

    A. If it works, then when you are setting up the phone, do not download the apps from the old save.

    Install the apps after the setup is complete (manually)

    B. If it still does not work, please show it to a service center for them to check it.

  • Might be a broken cable, one of mine broke and got extremely hot at the end while charging the bs2, if I wiggled it charge icon would go on and off, got a new cable and not had an issue since.

    If a new cable dont work try what divyaansha said.

  • I agree with you @LinkSSZ . The reason you mentioned is the culprit almost all of the times. Let's see what OP has to say

  • my bs2 cable getting hot when im charge the fon. wht should i do??

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