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I just found a method to force update your firmware to the Joy Ui 11 for Non Pro (Global ROM only).


  • Do at your own risk. I will not responsible if your your bricked or damaged.
  • Backup your files to avoid data loss.
  • Before update, Make sure to remove passcode, pattern, fingerprint lock. (For example, if you have 6 passcode characters, after the update for some reason it will change to 4 passcode characters which then you will need to Hard Reset or erase/wipe data in Recovery mode)

(Although you can jump straight to MQ0, It's best to update follow sequence from MP5 > MP6 > MQ0 to avoid any bugs.)

  1. Go to this XDA forum for full firmware download link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=81893375&postcount=20
  2. If you're on Firmware MP5 (SKYW1911121OS01MP5), Please update to MP6 (SKYW2003090OS01MP6) first Then update to MQ0 (SKYW2004221OS00MQ0) (Ensure to follow your region, Make sure firmware version is the exact same as your region. This is only for MP6 as MQ0 can be use for both regions, tested working)
  3. Once downloaded the firmware update.zip (Factory OTA Image), save it to Internal Storage > OTA Folder (Do not extract or uncompressed).
  4. Open Dialer app, dial *#*#1027#*#*
  5. Click on "Local Update".
  6. Wait until progress shows 100%, then restart your phone.
  7. It may take a while to boot into OS. (5min - 10min)
  8. Enjoy your new Joy Ui 11 update!


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